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Welcome to The Subsequent News Agency, your premier destination for unbiased news, informative blogs, and top stories.

Started in 2020 with the thought of providing real news, unbiased from any opinions or political agenda, we have rapidly ascended as a credible pillar of truth.
We stand unbiased and transparent with the readers, presenting journalism in its purest form. Our initiative is based on the premise of providing information that in no way has been influenced by any external force, making it nothing but fair and truthful. In these years our audience base has grown rapidly not just in India but to different parts of the world. And with this love and trust comes a sense of responsibility. The responsibility is to be even more careful with our reports, to be even more thoughtful about our content, and to be more innovative in reaching our audiences through various mediums including social media.

It is very easy to say that we are unbiased in our writings as the same is said by hundreds of media houses in India but very hard to implement and execute it in an organization. This is because even if we dream of a completely unbiased media house then it is an organization, and every organization has workers who run it, and every person has some preference and bias including political. Thus how you will create such an organization that you are claiming it to be? To address it, we have fortified three mottos in the functioning of the organization right from its inception.

The first motto is to ‘report the news in detail, showing all sides, and then leave it to the reader’s wisdom to interpret it in whichever way they want’.

The second motto is to ‘report all sides, voices, and opinions, of people on a story without inclination’.

And the third motto is ‘what matters to you, matters to us’.

Any person who joins our organization has to strictly adhere to these mottos and we make sure that the same is reflected in their work.

Additionally, to make sure that the organization has different opinions and voices and to have a structured ‘check and balance’, we have orchestrated a team of diverse individuals, belonging to various parts of the country. Every member hails from a different background, brought up with different beliefs, but united to provide unbiased news to our readers.

We also provide informative blogs on different topics related to entertainment, health, education, and travel. The objective behind this is to provide authentic information to our readers beyond just news. Whether you are looking for Indian news, world news, entertainment, or sports, The Subsequent is your comprehensive portal.

Our gratitude towards our readers and followers for their constant support, unwavering love, and entrusted belief in the way we function and deliver news is immeasurable.
We aspire to reach a greater audience, and enrich them with real unbiased news, and be the best source of digital journalism.