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‘I Told you he is not a stable man’ says Capt. Amarinder Singh on Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Resignation

Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Tuesday took a jibe at Navjot Singh Sidhu saying he is an unstable man after the latter resigned as Punjab Congress chief. 

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Soon after Navjot Singh Sidhu resigned as Punjab Congress president on Tuesday, former chief minister Amarinder Singh responded: “I told you so.” 

Amarinder Singh said Sidhu’s resignation within two months of taking over the vital post has proved beyond doubt that he was “an unstable man, who could not be relied upon to lead the ruling party”. 
Terming Sidhu’s resignation as “sheer drama”, Singh said the move suggested that his former cabinet colleague was “preparing the ground to quit the Congress and join hands with some other party in the run-up to the state assembly polls”.

Seventy-two days after he was appointed as Punjab Congress chief, and eight days after the state got a new chief minister, a move in which he played no little part, Navjot Singh Sidhu resigned on Tuesday, miffed at not having his way with some senior appointments.

Only, as Sidhu’s abrupt resignation shows, the move seems to have managed to create more divisions in the party. Late on Tuesday evening, efforts were still on to get Sidhu, a former cricketer who once left an overseas tour in a huff after a spat with the team’s captain and flew back home, and resigned from Captain Singh’s cabinet in a huff in 2019, to change his mind.

“The collapse of a man’s character stems from the compromise corner, I can never compromise on Punjab’s future and the agenda for the welfare of Punjab,” Sidhu wrote in a short resignation letter to party chief Sonia Gandhi, appearing to take the party by surprise.

“Therefore, I hereby resign as the president of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee. Will continue to serve the Congress,” he further wrote.

It is immediately not known what prompted Sidhu to leave the post of the Punjab Congress chief.

Sidhu is alleged of not being a team player even when he was part of the Indian cricket team. When was in the BJP, he couldn’t listen to the commands of senior leaders and was highly ambitious. His only aim was to be the chief minister only.

Opposition parties of Punjab – AAP, BJP, and SAD have termed the resignation as the greed of Navjot Singh Sidhu and political drama in Punjab. 

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