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Sister’s Medicines may have ‘Deteriorated’ Sushant Singh Rajput’s Mental Health: Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police made the big admission on Monday in an affidavit in the high court seeking dismissal of the petition filed by the sisters of the late Sushant Singh Rajput, Priyanka Singh, and Meetu Singh to withdraw the FIR lodged against them by Rhea Chakroborty for alleged forgery and fabrication of a medical prescription for Sushant.

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Days after the CBI opposed an FIR filed against Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters on Rhea Chakraborty’s complaint in the Bombay High Court, labeling it as “vitiated and bad in law”, the Mumbai Police on Monday told the court the complaint “disclosed commission of offence”.

As reported by Hindustan Times, Bandra Police’s senior inspector Nikhil Kapse in the affidavit refuted the allegations that the police were damaging the reputation of the petitioners or any deceased person. The affidavit said that the police were not trying to “influence or derail” the probe being carried out by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by registering the FIR against Rajput’s sisters.

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“The FIR (against Priyanka and Meetu) was registered based on the information provided by the first informant (Chakraborty) disclosing commission of offence,” the affidavit said, according to PTI.

“The FIR was registered based on the information provided by the first informant (Rhea Chakraborty), disclosing commission of offense,” the affidavit read, stressing that “a fake medical prescription was sent by the petitioners with the help of a Delhi-based doctor wherein medicines for anxiety were prescribed to Rajput”.

“FIR lodged at Mumbai seeks investigation into the alleged offense of conspiracy, forgery, cheating, and conspiracy by petitioners sisters of Sushant Singh Rajput, Dr. Tarun Kumar, and others for fabricating medical prescription to procure and administer controlled drugs/psychotropic substances to Sushant Singh Rajput without his actual examination. FIR also seeks investigations into the possibility of deterioration of his mental health and eventual suicide pursuant to the said conspiracy,” the affidavit said, according to Live Law.

Rhea has filed a complaint against Sushant Singh Rajputs sisters
Rhea Chakroborty has filed a complaint against Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters for alleged forgery and fabrication of a medical prescription for Sushant.

Rhea’s complaint, she has said, is based on WhatsApp texts between the actor and his sister on June 8 — six days before he was found dead. The chats indicated that Priyanka Singh had advised her brother to take three medicines — Librium, Mexito, and Lonazep — which are prescribed for depression and anxiety. The chats, which surfaced in the media days before, indicated that contrary to their claims, his family was aware of his mental health problems.

CBI opposed the FIR by Rhea Chakroborty

Supporting claims of Sushant’s sisters, the CBI had told the HC that Rhea’s accusation against Sushant’s sisters was “presumptive and speculative” and said such speculation cannot be on the basis of an FIR. Last week, Rhea sought that the plea filed by the two sisters to quash the FIR be dismissed.

“The case being probed by the CBI is one registered by the deceased’s father in Bihar. On the other hand, the FIR lodged by the Mumbai police is by Rhea Chakraborty seeking investigation for forgery, cheating and criminal conspiracy against Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters Priyanka and Meetu and doctor Tarun Kumar,” the affidavit said. It is now for the CBI to investigate both the FIRs and to file appropriate reports, it added.

A bench of justice SS Shinde and justice MS Karnik will take up the plea for hearing on Wednesday. 

Sushant Singh Rajput, 34, a popular Bollywood star, was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai on June 14. His family has accused Rhea Chakraborty, who was dating him and left his home on June 8, of mentally harassing him, using his money and playing a role in his death.

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