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Brucellosis Outbreak in China: Is India Cautioned Enough?

While India is right now fighting and reeling under the COVID-19 effect and attempting to financially recover, it seems that we are headed towards another pandemic. As per researchers, there is another infectious bacterial infection Brucellosis which is quickly spreading in China. It is a debilitating bacterial fatal disease that influences both animals and humans and can cause infertility in men as indicated by reports.

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In excess of 3,500 people in northwest China have already been tested positive for Brucellosis. The news surfaced after the Health commission of the Chinese city of Lanzhou reported that a leak in a biopharmaceutical company a year ago caused the outbreak of brucellosis disease.

Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Diseases Control And Prevention have explained that human to human transmission of this infection is uncommon. The apex public health research bodies do not mention infertility as an outcome of the disease. Animals are normally vaccinated against the disease. The Lanzhou institute was producing this vaccine for animals. 

Brucellosis in India –

It is caused by a group of bacteria belonging to the genus Brucella. It usually spreads to people by eating raw or unpasteurized dairy products.  It likewise spread by coming in direct contact with the liquid of a tainted creature or breathing in contaminated air. The recent findings state that the disease has entered India and has started to impact humans and animals. Scientists are concerned this can be another pandemic and can be substantially more extreme than the novel COVID-19.

Symptoms of Brucellosis –

Signs and side effects of Brucellosis incorporate fever, joint pain, fatigue, loss of craving, migraines, and headache, sweats, and so on. The side effects may show from a couple of days to a couple of months after being infected by the disease. It tends to be spread from sexual contact, breastfeeding mothers can pass the microbes to the children, on the off chance that you have an extreme cut or scratch on your skin, you are prone to the illness.

Why India needs to be Cautioned?

India is having a major threat from Brucellosis because of the mass population. Also, since a major section of Indians belong to rural India and are involved in agricultural activities, which makes the risk of contamination through farm animals more imaginable. The country is daily posting new records of positive Corona Virus cases and fighting it hard to maintain the levels along with the falling economy. An outbreak of  Brucellosis in India may make things uncontrollable and that is why India needs to be very cautious about the  Brucellosis outbreak and keep a tight eye on the reports from China.

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