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Government’s Covid-19 Response Disapproved by Citizens: Japan, Spain on Top!

Citizens of Japan, Spain, France, Brazil, and the United States have given the highest disapproval ratings on their government’s Covid response! On the contrary, citizens of Denmark, Australia, and India feel that their government has done fairly better than other countries.

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According to a survey published by The Guardian, citizens in most of 25 countries around the world think that their governments and leaders failed to respond either well or fast enough to the coronavirus crisis. Surprisingly, Japan, which has one of the world’s least Covid death rates – only 13 passings for every million inhabitants. Just 21% of Japanese respondents said that they felt their government had taken care of the pandemic well or fairly well.

A record four of every five respondents in Denmark, which got into lockdown early March as the Covid wave hit and has figured out how to restrict Covid passings to 119 for every million occupants, thought their government had done very or genuinely well.

Australia and Greece, with losses of life per million of only 35 and 51, likewise recorded endorsement levels higher than 70%, while 67% of respondents in Germany – with a passing rate equivalent to Denmark’s – said they thought Angela Merkel’s administration had taken care of the emergency very or genuinely well. The case of India, with the world’s second-largest population and the country with the second most number of Coronavirus cases, is also very interesting. Here the respondents have given a much better positive response towards its government in comparison to other countries. 

At the opposite finish of the scale, just 34% of individuals studied in the US, 36% in Spain, 37% in France, and 39% in the UK, and Brazil thought their governments had performed well. Losses of life in these nations are among the most elevated on the planet: 686 for every million in the US, 735 in Spain, 521 in France, 649 in the UK, and 730 in Brazil.

There were huge abnormalities, in any case. Completely 58% of respondents in Italy and 54% in Sweden – the two of which have additionally endured high demise rates, of 676 and 586 for each million – were regardless certain that their governments had taken care of the crisis very or genuinely well. 

Rise of Covid-19 Cases in Last 2 Weeks

Many countries like the United States and France have seen a rise in their daily Covid-19 cases count, however, India on the other hand is seeing a decline in daily positive cases. In the last two weeks, the highest number of new cases 846,145 was in the United States, followed by India with 707,040 cases, France with 406,333 cases, Brazil with 296,226 cases, and the UK with 259,770 new cases. 

Chinese Government was ‘Slow’ to act says Survey

Most of those overviewed thought the Chinese government was too delayed to even think about acting, and residents of 16 of the 25 nations – including Spain, Britain, France, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Australia, the US, and Japan – figured the spread of infection in their nations might have been forestalled if their own government had responded differently.  

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