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Rahul Gandhi attacks Centre on Migrant Deaths, says ‘Govt Unaffected’

Rahul Gandhi yet again attacked the Modi government over the deaths of the migrant workers, says “Government is unaffected”!

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is abroad for his mother Sonia Gandhi’s check-up took to twitter to focus on the reaction given by the Modi Government on the demise of Migrant Laborers. Rahul Gandhi has been assaulting the middle over the transients’ predicament in his tweets, blaming the administration for helpless treatment of the whole episode.

“Modi government does not know how many migrant workers died or how many people lost their jobs during the lockdown,” he tweeted in Hindi.

“You didn’t count so what, nobody died? Yes, but it is unfortunate that there was no impact on the government. The world saw them dying but the Modi government remained clueless,” Rahul Gandhi added.

Lakhs of migrant labourers were left jobless in March when the government declared one of the strictest lockdowns in the world to check the spread of COVID-19. Many of them died while trying to cover the journey of hundreds of kilometers, back to their villages from cities, on foot as the transport services remained shut. Sad visuals had captured their plight. 

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi left to go abroad last week for the Congress chief’s health check-up. They will not attend the first part of the monsoon session of parliament. However, Mr. Gandhi continues to attack the center in his daily tweets. 

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