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Russia, China, Pakistan agree to maintain contacts with the Taliban after meeting in Kabul

Special envoys of China, Russia, and Pakistan have met the top officials of the interim Taliban government as well as Afghan leaders Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah in Kabul and discussed the formation of an inclusive government, combating terrorism, and handling the humanitarian situation, a top Chinese official said on Wednesday.

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Afghanistan’s interim Prime Minister Mullah Muhammad Hasan Akhund appointed by the Taliban movement (outlawed in Russia) is meeting in Kabul with representatives from Russia, China, and Pakistan, Taliban’s Ahmadullah Muttaqi has said in a tweet.

Earlier the Taliban said that they admire Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan`s efforts for peace, stability, and an inclusive government in Afghanistan, the Express Tribune reported.

“We do not see the positive statements of Prime Minister Imran Khan as interference in the internal matters of Afghanistan,” said the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Zabiullah Mujahid, at a news conference in Kabul. 

The spokesperson added that Pakistan, Qatar, and China are playing an active role in forming stability in Afghanistan. “We will welcome the role of the countries which are interested to work with good intent for peace and stability in Afghanistan,” he added, the report said.

“We are heading towards an inclusive government. More people from different ethnicities, including Hazaras, technocrats, and educated people, have been inducted into the interim cabinet. The cabinet formation is not complete yet and more people will be included in it,” Mujahid said.

The Taliban launched a large-scale operation for control of Afghanistan after the United States declared its troop pullout earlier this year. On August 15, Afghanistan’s then-President Ashraf Ghani stepped down and fled the country.
The Taliban swept into the country’s capital of Kabul without encountering any resistance.

In September, the Taliban declared that the entire territory of the county was under their control and formed an interim government.

Taliban wrote to UN requesting Participation 

UN Secretary-General Guterres received communication with the letterhead “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” signed by “Ameer Khan Muttaqi” as “Minister of Foreign Affairs,” requesting to participate in the UN gathering of world leaders.

The Taliban have written to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres nominating their spokesman Suhail Shaheen as Afghanistan’s new ambassador to the UN and have asked to participate and speak in the high-level 76th session of the General Assembly currently underway here. (PTI)

The United Nations aid chief said Wednesday he had released $45 million in emergency funds to help prevent Afghanistan’s battered healthcare system from collapsing.

Reaction from other Countries

Germany on Wednesday voiced opposition to the Taliban’s request to address the United Nations, saying the “show” by Afghanistan’s new rulers would serve no purpose.

The UN credentials committee is reviewing a request from the Taliban to address the General Assembly on behalf of Afghanistan, which is still represented at the world body by the ambassador from the government that collapsed last month.

The United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss will call on Beijing and Moscow to discuss the future of Afghanistan at United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in New York on Wednesday.

Truss is scheduled to chair talks with the foreign ministers from the US, France, China, and Russia, in New York, reported The National News. The US, France, UK, China, and Russia are the permanent members of the UNSC, also known as P5.

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