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IND vs ENG: Dale Steyn Emphasizes Family Over Cricket, Supports Virat Kohli’s Decision to Take a Break

Cricket legend Dale Steyn has come forward in support of Virat Kohli’s recent decision to step away from cricket, underlining the importance of family commitments over professional obligations. Steyn’s endorsement comes at a time when Kohli, one of cricket’s most celebrated figures, opts to prioritize personal time over the sport. This move has sparked discussions within the cricket community, highlighting the balance between personal life and professional demands in the life of athletes.

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Kohli has been absent from the initial two Tests for personal reasons, and his return to the Indian squad is anticipated to be postponed further. He is likely to miss the third and fourth Tests as well, with his participation in the final match still in doubt.

The ongoing five-match Test series stands evenly matched at 1-1.

“I think family is your most important priority. I’m sorry, like, that’s it, you know. That’s the end of the story. Like right there,” Steyn remarked during the virtual interaction.

He added, “I’ve got three dogs, and if one dog got sick, and I was in the IPL, I’m jumping on the first plane out of there to come back to see my dog.”

Reflecting on Kohli’s choice to focus on his family, Steyn remarked, “If Virat Kohli chooses to spend time at home, I find absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

He praised Kohli for his significant impact on Indian cricket, particularly noting his achievements as a World Cup victor and team captain.

“Virat has dedicated years of service to Indian cricket, achieving milestones like winning the World Cup and leading the team. It’s hard to imagine what more he could do to establish his legacy in cricket,” Steyn observed.

He further emphasized, “Ultimately, cricket itself isn’t the most important aspect. What truly matters is understanding the reasons behind playing the game, recognizing those who supported your journey, and appreciating the path that led you here.”


AB de Villiers clarified the situation regarding Virat Kohli’s recent absence, initially attributing it to Kohli and Anushka Sharma expecting their second child, as stated on his YouTube channel. However, de Villiers recanted his earlier announcement five days later, acknowledging the error and admitting to a significant oversight.

Emphasizing the priority of family over cricket, de Villiers expressed remorse for the misinformation shared on his digital platform, stating, “Family comes first, then cricket. I acknowledge the grave error I made on my YouTube channel. The information shared was incorrect and utterly unfounded. Virat is fully justified in taking time off for family reasons. Ultimately, what’s most important is what serves Virat’s family best. While I’m not privy to the specifics of his situation, my best wishes go out to him. Regardless of the reasons behind his hiatus, I’m hopeful for his strong and rejuvenated return to the game.”


The trio of Dale Steyn, Virat Kohli, and AB de Villiers not only exemplifies cricketing excellence but also shares a profound connection through their tenure with the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). This relationship has transcended the boundaries of professional teamwork, fostering a camaraderie that speaks volumes of their time spent together on and off the field.

Steyn, a fast bowling maestro from South Africa, Kohli, an Indian batting virtuoso, and de Villiers, also a South African and a cricketing polymath, have together been pivotal in shaping the RCB team’s identity, contributing significantly to its successes and memorable moments. Their combined efforts have not only thrilled fans but also brought a sense of unity and strength to the team.

The mutual respect and friendship among them, nurtured over seasons of collaboration, reflect the spirit of cricket where rivalry on the international stage gives way to partnership and collective ambition in the league. This unique blend of talents and personalities has left an indelible mark on the IPL, making their association with RCB a cherished chapter in the tournament’s history.


Despite rumors suggesting that India’s premier batsman, Virat Kohli, might be absent from the third and fourth Tests against England in Rajkot and Ranchi, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officials and selection committee remain optimistic.

A meeting has been scheduled for Thursday by the BCCI officials and the selection panel to determine the final lineup for the upcoming matches.

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