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India Slammed Pakistan’s PM UN Address Over ‘Kashmir’

India in UN

Countering to Pakistan Prime Minister – Imran Khan’s speech in the UN, India firmly said, “The only dispute left in Kashmir relates to the part of Kashmir that is still under illegal occupation of Pakistan. We call upon Pakistan to vacate all those areas that it is in illegal occupation of. The ‘only crowning glory’ that Pakistan has to show to the world for the last seven decades is terrorism, ethnic cleansing, majoritarian fundamentalism, and clandestine nuclear trade”.

Earlier Imran Khan made repeated references to India and the Kashmir issue and called on the world community to prosecute Indian personnel allegedly involved in “state terrorism” and “crimes against humanity”. After which, an Indian diplomat, who delivered India’s response to the Pakistan PM’s diatribe at the UN General Assembly, sought to remind PM Khan of the “genocide” perpetrated by his country on Muslims of erstwhile East Pakistan before it became Bangladesh. 

“Lies, Misinformation, and Warmongering”: India responds to Imran Khan’s UN address

India severely slammed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s verbal attack on India at the UN General Assembly as a “new low” for the world body on its 75th anniversary and questioned his claim to be a champion of Muslims when he is unable to protect them in his own country.
Further, India categorically stated that Jammu and Kashmir was an integral & inalienable part of its sovereign and that the only dispute left in Kashmir related to that part of the territory that’s still under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. “The same leader who spewed venom today admitted in 2019 in public in the US that his country still has about 30,000-40,000 terrorists who have been trained by Pakistan & have fought in Afghanistan & in Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir”, Mijito Vinito, India’s First Secy, said in the Right to Reply at the UNGA.

Indian delegate Mijito Vinito, who had earlier walked out of the hall when Imran Khan’s pre-recorded statement was played, presented India’s stand.

“The only way for Pakistan to become a normal country is to abjure its moral, financial and material support to terrorism, turn its attention to the problems faced by its own population including its minorities and stop misusing UN platforms to further its nefarious agenda,” the statement concluded.

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